Pending User Created Channels / Gaming Category


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This thic thread discusses three ideas, if you hate reading I have a summary cause you smell and fuck you

As far as my knowledge, User Created channels are something that'll be made, and so if these channels will be made than I belive that limiting the amount of channels that can be made to a set limit would be something to implement. This would reduce the chaos of like 17 channels in the SGM discord, to a locked value of somewhere between like 5-15.

I do not want to see User created channels being limited to a point that no one will be able to request a channel, but to a point where the availability of the channels are just right.

Every server has a Gaming Category somewhere, and despite the server being called 'After Hours Gaming', I do not see any gaming channels. My idea goes two ways with just making two channels dedicated to the hosted games that AHG has/will have, and a channel where you can discuss about any other game, or go with the classic long clunky several individual channels that aren't even active 90% of the time.

User Created Channels
User Created Channels Limit
Gaming Category

Four Gaming Text-Channels/Voice-Channels (Half of the server, Half of other games)
Individual Channels for Games

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I like this a lot, there are a lot of other people that play a lot of other games and really only having 1-2 places we can really talk is kind of hard. Seeing as one of those places is SB and everyone uses it, it gets cluttered really fast and easy to lose track of conversations.