Winter Event Week 4 Update Notes


Special Properations

AHG Winter Holiday Event Week 4
Merry Christmas AHG! Welcome to the last major update of the Winter Event.

New Perks
We've added three new perks to TTT!

Increased Health Station Charge
Tier 1 - 220 total HP (10000 points)
Tier 2 - 240 total HP (20000 points)
Tier 3 - 260 total HP (30000 points)
Tier 4 - 280 total HP (40000 points)
Tier 5 - 300 total HP (50000 points)

Faster Health Station Heal Rate
Tier 1 - 2 HP each heal (20000 points)
Tier 2 - 3 HP each heal (40000 points)
Tier 3 - 4 HP each heal (60000 points)
Tier 4 - 5 HP each heal (80000 points)

Death Station Heal
Tier 1 - Heal from your own death station (40000 points)
Tier 2 - Heal from any death station (80000 points)

Custom Weapon Views
FOV sliders are here! You can adjust your view FOV and the FOV of each individual weapon (as well as which hand the weapon is held in).

Hex Shields
Hex shields have arrived! Detectives can now purchase a 20 second protective bubble from the detective shop.
New Weapon Skins
These can only be purchased during the event.

AK47 | Arctic Revenge
Required Rank: Supporter
Unlock Criteria: 50 kills with the AK47 during the Winter Event.

Famas | Snowflake
Required Rank: VIP
Unlock Criteria: 100 kills with the Famas during the Winter Event.

SL8 for Legacy Players
The SL8 is available in the loadout section for any user that has a legacy rank. Its stats are a carbon copy of the M14 EBR.

Week 4 Giveaway
This week's giveaway is for 1 Prestigious, 4 VIP and 8 Supporter ranks! You can enter here.
This post would be incomplete without an acknowledgment of the community members that helped make this week's update possible. A very special thanks to the following users:
  • @danstorm For making the AK47 | Arctic Revenge and Famas | Snowflake skins
  • @optimal for making some big optimizations to ttt_ski_resort and ttt_xmas_crackhouse
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